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Life Sciences / June 15, 2017

Notifications for the Life Science Industry: Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle

Notifications for the Life SciencesPicture this: you’re at your desk eating lunch when, suddenly, someone informs you that employees in the field are not equipped with the most up to date records on project A.

This means that Sam does not know that late last night the wrong materials were being used in production. Although this would be considered a minor nonconformance (most likely not resulting in harm) the failure of correction will cost the company X amount of extra dollars.

What do you do? Make a phone call? Not specific enough. Send an email? Could get lost in the shuffle.

Picture this: a centralized environment.

With a centralized environment in a time like this, you could log in to the workgroup and send an immediate notification to Sam.

The notification will include a direct link to the problem, the description, correction, maybe a picture and comment section with a suggestion on how to handle this nonconformance.

This allows Sam to take immediate action without much delay in time. It also allows everyone in the workgroup to understand the problem, see where it is and who has done what to rectify the situation. It can even be so specific as to share information like which lot or batch this occurred on and how it happened if backtracked. They can be provided to other workgroups to evaluate if the same event could occur in their operations or location, supporting regulatory requirements to be preventive and mitigate risks.

Push notifications allow employees to handle events much faster and be more descriptive as opposed to a phone call or email chain. With a specific link to the event, miscommunications can be avoided and updates can be followed throughout the entire process.    

Download the knowledge brief below for more insight into how notifications can benefit you!