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Fun Takes / May 19, 2016

A Song of Quality and Compliance: How traqpath Applies in the World of Ice and Fire

a game of thrones approach to quality and complianceGame of Thrones season six is now upon us and, like mostly everyone else who watches TV, we here at traqpath are extremely excited to be a spectator in the world of Westeros once again.

If you’re like us and have been watching Game of Thrones since the start, you know by now how confusing the show, and the books, can be. There is so much going on in the World of Ice and Fire that it can be hard to keep up with at times. Even the characters themselves have a ton to deal with and manage as they fight for control of the Seven Kingdoms and the lands beyond.

This got some of us thinking though—if traqpath was available for the characters of Game of Thrones to use, how would they use it?

traqpath can help anyone organize their daily and work tasks and it could have helped saved the characters of Game of Thrones a ton of time. Let’s consider this for a moment.

Daenerys Targaryen

Workgroup: House Targaryen

Workgroup Members: Tyrion Lannister, Grey Worm, Daario Naharis, Missandei

External Supplier:  Jorah Mormont (Hey, he brought her Tyrion)

Would benefit from traqpath by using:

Action Items: With a strong group of people around her to help her gain control and learn how to be a ruler, Dany is going to be in a lot of meetings. Whether it’s discussing opening the fighting pits or what to do with Sir Jorah, Dany relies heavily on the opinions of those around her. With action items from traqpath, Dany would be able to set up meeting action items andmake sure that the topics she needs to get covered are taken care of and it also helps her organize her day, so she knows who she’s speaking with and when.What would Daenerys Targaryen's traqpath dashboard look like?

Customer Complaints: With tons of problems going on with the Sons of the Harpy and the people of Meereen, Daenrys needs an easier way to hear what her people have to say. Holding an audience is great, but did you see that line? How can she possibly get anything else done? Well with the ability to create corrective actions and Events for dealing with complaints, instead of sitting on her throne all day Dany could organize the requests that come in and handle them by their due dates. She could see all the complaints at once, instead of having to sit and listen to each person’s problems.

She can also setup custom item types and go beyond what the default settings are. Setting her own types would help her better organize tasks, so instead of just dealing with “customer complaints” she could get more specific and create a type like “Sons of the Harpy issue” and now she would easily know that the customer complaint involves the Sons of the Harpy and knows how to proceed without reading through the entire document.

Jon Snow

Workgroup: The Night’s Watch

Workgroup Members: Samwell (the rest left)

External Suppliers: The Free Folk

Would benefit from traqpath by using:

Keeping Tabs on a Product Recall: If Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch are to stand any chance against the White Walkers, They’ll need to reforge some of their current swords and weapons. They only have a handful of Valyrian Steel and a couple of pieces of Dragon glass (both can hurt White Walkers) so they might want to try and make these rare items useful by reforging them into as many weapons as possible. This is where a product recall could be useful for Snow. With a due date and some additional detail, snow could keep track of all the weapons he needs to have reforged and could update his records once the weapons are White Walker ready.

Health and Safety Incidents: If Jon Snow’s workgroup is, or was, the Night’s Watch then his external suppliers would have to be the wildlings. After making an alliance of sorts with the wildings, Snow tried his best to save as many of them as he could before the White Walkers attacked Hardhome, but time was against him. Not only was the trip to Hardhome long, he spent too much time trying to convince the leaders of the different Free Folk tribes to agree to an alliance with the Night’s Watch. Maybe if Snow had access to traqpath, he could have sent a health and safety incident to his external suppliers (Free Folk) and set the responsible department to administration (the leaders of the Free Folk tribes) to let them know about what was coming and his plan of how to get them to safety before he even has to show up to Hardhome. He could have saved a lot of time sending his external supplier corrective actions, instead of having to travel to the far North.

You know nothing of quality and compliance Jon Snow…but that’s OK!quality and compliance software in westeros

Luckily for him traqpath has a complete help center filled with videos, articles and otherinformation to answer any questions he may have as he starts to better organize his tasks and assignments. traqpath also has built in functionality to send a message to our support team, so if something should be improved or he has an idea for something that should be added, he could do it right from the traqpath dashboard.

Jaime Lannister

Workgroup: House Lannister

Workgroup Members: Cersei and the remaining members of house Lannister (which seems to be shrinking…)

External Supplier: The Small Council

Would benefit from traqpath by using:

Addressing Audit Findings:  After season five Jaime was lucky to make it back to Westeros in one piece. His “niece” however, wasn’t as lucky.

Now that he’s back home and with his sister, the Sand Snakes from last season seem like a far-off problem as a new threat has emerged in the High Sparrow and the religious fanatics that follow him.

So how does the idea of audit finding currently help Jaime in dealing with the Sparrow? With traqpath, Cersei would be able to assign a corrective action based on this audit finding to Jaime who would then be able to report on updates and recommendations of how to proceed with the issue of the Sparrows. Jaime simply can’t run in and try to slaughter them all, since that would potentially cause a civil war, so instead he needs to be able to track all of the different parts of his plan and potentially assign out action items to different small council members that he could use to complete the corrective action sent from Cersei.

traqpath could help him establish a plan to remove the Sparrow and the people that follow him all while avoiding an all out war.

The traqpath App: traqpath has everything in it that Jaime needs to keep track of his plans while he is moving around King’s Landing.

With so much going on in King’s Landing, being part of the Kingsguard and trying to protect Cersei, it seems rare that he would spend much time in the Red Keep.

That’s where having the traqpath app comes in handy. Jaime would be able to access his account from anywhere on his phone (as long as he had a signal) and could update his action items while he’s dealing with the High Sparrow or doing any of the duties that come with being in the Kingsguard.

traqpath was created with the goal in mind of making quality and compliance accessible for all. Even when applied to the Game of Thrones characters, traqpath could help make their lives easier and help them better organize their daily tasks.

If traqpath can help the crazy characters of Game of Thrones, imagine what it can do for you!

Don’t worry, we’ll be back for another look when we recap season 6 and ponder—where would they be if they had used traqpath for automating their scheming and usurping—er, quality and compliance...  

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